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Relaxation Massage in Albury Wodonga

A relaxation massage helps to loosen up your body and de-stress. Whether you’ve had a difficult working week, looking to treat yourself or just seeking some TLC – a relaxation massage is the perfect choice.

This type of massage involves a combination of relaxing and therapeutically beneficial massaging techniques. The application of a relaxation massage can be used to help with everything from reducing pain and stress through to improving overall tissue health, flexibility and range of motion. 

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Promoting Feelings of Happiness and Relaxation

The application of this technique can provide a range of physiological effects regarding general circulation and hormone levels as well as increasing the release of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins – also know as happy chemicals. Endorphins are neurotransmitters which essentially reduce pain whilst also promoting feelings of happiness and relaxation. 

Long periods of elevated cortisol levels can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and even depressed. Relaxation massage can help decrease and even inhibit the release of cortisol which can then leave you feeling less stressed and anxious as well as improving overall relaxation.

It can also be hugely beneficial when applied to tight muscles. Overly tight muscles can be caused by a number of reasons including stress, overuse and injury. Relaxation massage can help to stimulate blood circulation and reduce muscular tension helping to reduce pain and improving flexibility.

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A relaxation massage can be extremely beneficial in helping relieve:

– Stress

– Tight muscles

– Chronic aches and pains

The Massage Company is your local massage specialist, serving clients in Albury, Lavington, Wodonga and all surrounding areas. When you’re looking for an escape from the stresses of daily life nothing can beat a professional relaxation massage. 

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